Shopify theme guide: How to pick a Shopify theme

Shopify theme guide: How to pick a Shopify theme

Entesta Web Solutions

Apr 04, 2022

So you finally decided to turn your business into a Shopify website. Congratulations on that! Now that you have taken your first step into the Shopify world, let me help you find the answer to your first question- how to pick a Shopify theme?

While hustling through lots of Shopify projects, the one thing that always kept running in my mind was- they have no idea how badly this theme can affect their business! Well, I saved them by helping them make the right choice. So I am here to help you as well because I understand how much your business means to you.

Most of you must be thinking, What’s a big deal about the theme? Just choose what looks good and get going. No darling it’s not that simple. Even if the color or the structure seems off the chart, it can hamper your scale.

So without further ado let’s get started on how to pick a Shopify theme that’s right for your brand.

7 steps to choose a perfect Shopify theme

Step 1: Note down your top 3 features

The first and foremost thing you must do is list down all the features you would want in your theme. Mark top three features that is a must. After you do that, now match the themes and the features. Look for the theme that matches your wanted features the most.

Step 2: Don’t choose just because it looks good

Most people choose a theme just based on visuals. It is not the right way. You must never ignore or overlook the functionalities that are an utmost necessity for your business. In most cases, just the visuals are okay but not every time. SO make sure your chosen theme goes well with the listed functionalities.

Step 3: Shopify Theme Support

Now that you have chosen a theme that is great on visuals plus the functionalities are on fire, you must now look at the support. Just in case you face any kind of difficulties, great theme support from the seller is a blessing.

Step 4: Just stay in the theme store

All the Shopify themes are tested and curated for the sellers at the maximum level. So it is for your good that you stay in the Shopify theme store and look for a theme that fits your business just right. Again, do not forget to look for something that has the best customer support. In case you want to check that, just leave a message for the theme developer and see how much time they take to reply.

Step 5: Look for a paid theme

Now you will say why to go for a paid one when the free one is there. well, the thing about the free themes is they usually lack support and miss a lot of functionalities.

If you want to test your business and it is new then I would suggest that you use free themes for that but never try to build your brand on it. There is a reason why most of the sellers go for a paid theme. And that’s how you pick a Shopify theme.

Step 6: Create a Shopify partner account and a development store

See, you do not want to engage in demo sessions with your main account, right? That’s the reason why I recommend you to create a Shopify partner account and a development store to try out all the free themes. When you do that, you will be able to view whatever is customizable. Also, keep in mind that you can’t customize the code though.

Step 7: Devices friendly

While you choose a theme for your business do not forget to check out if it is device friendly. Try and resize the window and check if everything is mobile-friendly as well. You don’t want extra work, trust me.

I hope you look out at these tips before choosing a Shopify theme. Do let me know in the comment section below if there is any other box you check before you lock the theme for your e-commerce.